Snowdrop Walks 2022

Snowdrop season 2022

We are delighted to say we have spotted the first snowdrops in the grounds, and that we will be open for snowdrop walks from Monday 24th January-Sunday 6th March, daily 10am-4pm.

Admission will be at the High Street Gate. We will be operating a one-way system to avoid congestion, with exit through The Shirehall Museum. Admission is £6 adult, £2.50 child 6-16 (under 6 free).

We are especially pleased to be opening the museum (and shop!) for the first time since March 2020.

Wearing face coverings is no longer a legal requirement indoors, but we would appreciate it if you would kindly wear a mask in the Museum and shop.  Mask wearing is still recommended in confined spaces.

Dogs on leads are welcome.

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  1. Hello, what time are the snowdrop walks please? Do you need to book?

    Also what is the price, and is it a surpervised walk or can you wander around in the Abbey Grounds?


    1. Hello. We are open 10am-4pm daily from 24th January-6th March inclusive. There is no need to book. Adult £6, child 6-16 £2.50. This is not a supervised activity so you are free to explore the grounds as you wish.

    1. Hello, the snowdrops are beginning to come out and our visitors so far this week have enjoyed themselves. The snowdrops will not be fully out for a while yet, but I would say there was still plenty to see. There will be more open if the day you visit is sunny. There is glorious sunshine today in Walsingham!

    1. Hello, Walsingham Abbey is not a National Trust property, so yes there is a charge.

      We offer free entry to members of Historic Houses (for details see There is a £5 discount on membership of Historic Houses if you use our discount code WALS10

    1. Hello, we don’t have a café within the Abbey grounds, but there are several places very close by in the village to choose from. For example ‘Read and Digest’ the tea room and bookshop on the corner of the Common Place is only a very few steps away.

    1. Hello, and thank you for your enquiry about disabled access.

      The entrance is wide, and level, with gravel paths to the central part of the grounds, the main lawn, the ruins and snowdrops. You should be able to get quite far into the woodland, at first there are gravel paths, then a short grassy stretch before a level bridge across the river, then a stretch of board walk which goes quite deep into the woodland. Throughout the more accessible parts of the grounds you should have a good view of the snowdrops and also be able to get near to see them close up. Wheelchair users can use the main private drive and gravel area in front of the house to cross from one part of the grounds to the other.

      The Dell section which is the farthest part of the visit, is more difficult as it is hilly, with quite a lot of up and down trodden earth paths. People with lightweight manual or sporty type wheelchairs can manage it, even enjoy testing themselves, but it’s a bit of a cross country challenge.

      Hope this helps.

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