Wildlife in the Abbey Grounds

With the grounds closed, it is even quieter here than usual.

We have set up some wildlife cameras and are beginning to capture some remarkable sights especially near the river. With the cameras fairly easily camouflaged, we have been able to see creatures too shy to appear when people are around.

The river Stiffkey runs through the Abbey Grounds, and is a small chalk stream. In the early 19th century the river was enlarged into a serpentine lake. We put one camera at the downstream end of the lake, in front of the Packhorse Bridge.

2 Replies to “Wildlife in the Abbey Grounds”

  1. A lovely moment to take us away from the worries of the day, looking forward to visiting once this is all over

  2. beautiful sight. We have had the pleasure of seeing kingfishers near to home (Lowton Warrington) and also on holiday in Somerset. The one bird that if you are lucky to see you will never forget.

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