Welcome to Walsingham Abbey, where the grounds surrounding our historic house are famous for the spectacular ruins of the mediaeval Priory of our Lady of Walsingham, as well as miraculous swathes of naturalised snowdrops in early spring. Later in spring the grounds fill with daffodils and the woods with wild garlic and bluebells. In summer the grounds offer a green leafy haven of peace.

‘Walsingham’ is two unspoiled, connected North Norfolk villages, Little, or ‘New’ Walsingham, and a mile away, Great or ‘Old’ Walsingham; both have a wealth of interest for the visitor with historic buildings, shops and places to eat and drink. 

Walsingham has a long history of religious pilgrimage, dating back to the 11th century. Today we welcome visitors and pilgrims from all religious denominations, or none.

Snowdrop opening has ended.  Our opening hours for the rest of March will be Friday-Monday, 11am-4pm  

Open daily from 31 March – 5 November, 11am-4pm


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Snowdrop Charity Day for The Benjamin Foundation

Looking forward to the weekend already? Come for a stroll around our snowdrops this Saturday 11th February and support The Benjamin Foundation. Share your photos from the charity day on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to win a £25 gift voucher! Remember to tag The Benjamin Foundation #walsinghamsnowdrops Let’s see if we can get #Walsinghamsnowdrops trending! …